The Two Thousand + symposium is an annual research event, which has been running since 2006 at the School of Creative Arts, Queen’s University Belfast.
The symposium was initiated by Dr Franziska Schroeder who had identified a lack in theoretical engagement in the area of music performance and new technologies. After the completion of her PhD in 2006 Dr Schroeder commenced this theoretical one-day event that would allow performance practitioners from diverse areas such as music, sonic arts, dance, theatre, new media, architecture and theory to discuss a range of topics on performance / composition / sound art informed by new technologies.
The symposium has been running alongside the Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music, the longest running new music festival in Ireland, and has included keynote speakers and topics such as:

Two Thousand + Six

Theme: performance and technologies
Keynote speakers:
Professor Susan Broadhurst (Brunel University, London)
Ben Watson (Wire contributor, Trotskyist and Zappaphile)

Two Thousand + Seven

Theme: multi-site networked music performance
Keynote speakers:
Professor George Lewis (Columbia University)
Professor Steven Connor (Birkbeck College, London)

Two Thousand + Nine

Theme: user generated content
Keynote speaker:
Professor Steve Dixon (Brunel University)

Two Thousand + TEN

Theme: Improvisation
Keynote speakers:
Professor Georgina Born (Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Music at Cambridge University)
David Borgo (Associate Professor UC San Diego)

Two Thousand + ELEVEN - no symposium took place during this year

Two Thousand + TWELVE

Theme: Body and Technology
The symposium focused on innovative relationships between music and the body. In particular, papers examined works that provocatively explored the combination of body and technology, while delving into the sonic world of the body itself.
Keynote speakers:
Professor Ben Knapp
Professor Susan Kozel

Two Thousand + THIRTEEN

Theme: Beyond Soundscape
This symposium investigated the various critiques and narratives of the notion of soundscape which have emerged since the term’s inception by R. Murray Schafer and other members of the World Soundscape Project in Canada in the 1960s. Areas of investigation included the identification of soundscape (by analogy with landscape) as neutrally spatial, rather than experiential or territorial; the role and extent of ‘composerly intervention’ in soundscape recording; links with the notions of re-enchantment and of eco-criticism.
Keynote speakers:
Professor Barry Truax
Agostino di Scipio

Summary and response by Professor Georgina Born

Two Thousand + FOURTEEN

Theme: Remembering and Forgetting
This symposium explored the extent to which current technologies for music simulate these all-too-human concerns of remembering and forgetting.
Abstracts can be found here
Keynote speaker:
Professor Nicolas Collins

Two Thousand + FIFTEEN - Sonorities Page
Curated by Koichi Samuels, Tullis Rennie and Franziska Schroeder (SARC)

Theme: Fractured Narratives – Improvised sounds and stories
Keynote Speaker: Cathy Lane
Professor of Sound Arts at University of the Arts London. Cathy established the department of Sound Arts and Design at London College of Communication.
She is the co - director of the Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP)